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Blumebungabloem Font Poster

Cherry blossom season just ended but you can still enjoy this bloom inspired font. Blumebungabloem by GlyphStyle is a bold, flowery display font that you can try free for personal use only.

Download at Font Space or buy at Creative Market.

Moodstone by Adante.Creative is a fun, quirky font. I like the combination of loopy letters and blunt edges. Free for personal use only.

Download at Font Space or buy at Creative Market.

Been traveling a lot lately and got behind on trying out new fonts so I’ll just post one every Friday until I’m back on my one a month schedule.

Ring Angle by Isolatype is a fun, hand drawn font that would be good for kids books or projects. It’s free for personal use and includes an italic style. I especially like the alternate characters (like the R, g, and A above)!

Download at Font Space or buy at Creative Fabrica.

I don’t download a ton of script fonts but I’m really into Party Attack by NihStudio, maybe because it has a bolder, blockier feel than most. While you’re downloading, don’t miss their gallery of sample usages in menus, invitations, and more. Free for personal use only.

Download at 1001 Fonts or buy at Creative Fabrica.

Font Banner - Free Fonts
Font Banner - Free Fonts

TIL: Figma Edition

Shift + 2 has completely changed my relationship with Figma. Zoom right to whatever object you have selected. No more tediously zooming in and out and scrolling back and forth trying to center.

Thank you Figma shortcuts.

Package Publishing Reading & Resources

I have big plans in the works to overhaul a few projects and, to prep for that, I’ve been doing a lot of reading up on different approaches to publishing JavaScript packages. These are a few resources I’ve found particularly useful and informative.

  • How to Publish an Updated Version of an npm Package – Cloud Four - I’ve used different tools to automate releases in the past but had no idea what they were doing under the hood. This article walks through creating a release and publishing to npm and Git with detailed explanations at every step. It’s a great starting point since understanding the manual process makes evaluating different automated strategies a lot easier.
  • Automate npm publishing with GitHub Actions, proper changelog, and release notes - I'm looking for a solution that includes independently versioned monorepos so this guide isn't a perfect fit. However, using GitHub Actions to manually trigger a release and enter the correct version bump (major, minor, patch, etc.) is a really clever approach.
  • Release Workflow | Yarn - Package Manager - Yarn's release workflow for monorepos is an experimental feature so I’m holding off for now but I hope it pans out. The section on deferred versioning and record keeping is especially intriguing.
  • Tools! Trying to figure out which of these options would best serve my needs:
    • semantic-release - My current tool of choice. semantic-release depends on commit messages that follow Angular's commit message conventions for versioning. Unfortunately, it doesn't play nice with monorepos (for more details, here's a little extra credit reading The chronicles of semantic-release and monorepos).
    • Auto - Intuit - Automates releases based on pull request labels. I used this at a previous job and appreciated that it didn't require linting commit messages or any extra effort from contributors. The downside, Lerna is a must for use with monorepos.
    • Release It! - This seems promising. A CLI tool that can be used in interactive or continuous integration mode. The big appeal for me is a Yarn workspaces specific plugin.

Finally, recommendations are welcome so here’s my brief. I want to combine multiple packages that currently live in separate repos into a single monorepo using Yarn workspaces. Ideally, I’d like to independently version the packages without adding Lerna and use GitHub Actions for CI/CD. If you have a similar setup, let me know what's worked for you.

Okay. It’s 2023. I just copied all the font release Tweets I’ve ever bookmarked on Twitter just in case that feature suddenly disappears. Let’s recommend some downloads.

Liquidie by Forberas is a fluid, hand drawn font. It’s free for personal use only and includes upper and lower case characters.

Download at Font Space or buy at Creative Market.

Finally moving away from the sixties inspired font recommendations.

Rocker Squad by Letterara is a thick, punk rock looking hand drawn font. Free for personal use only. 

Download at Font Space or buy at Creative Fabrica.