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Start Your Brand Boarding with This Free PSD Template

Brand board for

A few months ago, I started trying to do a little design cleanup on this site and it prompted me to finally do something I probably should’ve done way back at the beginning: create a brand board. Even though it’s a little late in the game, it still turned out to be a pretty useful task. It helped weed out some patterns and colors that didn’t quite mesh with the rest of the site. It inspired some new approaches. I’ve also started doing a stripped down version for creating promo assets for my fonts.

I started out with the free template from Nesha Woolery’s great post How to create a brand board but made some changes based on my own quirks and preferences. I found it easier to use Smart Objects for patterns, wanted a more widely available font for labels, didn’t need an extra section for alternative logos, etc. Since that original template was so useful as a starting point for me, I thought I should pay it forward and offer up my version for download.

The file is available as a PSD created with Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 and you can take a look at the layout below.

Download it here.Brand Board Template

Creative Market is offering another great weekly freebie. Texture Card Builder by Uniyok is an awesome vector brush set that you can download now (week of 05/20/19).