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Get Ready for Some Color Fonts

Later this week I’ll be releasing my first attempt at a color font so it seems like a good time to look at some of the awesome examples that are already out there.

If you need a quick overview of color fonts - how they work, where you can use them, etc. - and Adobe Typekit have helpful primers. Unfortunately, support on the web (Firefox and Microsoft Edge only) isn’t great just yet but these fonts are still worth checking out now.

Free Fonts


Bungee by David Jonathan Ross 

Not only is this font great, this page is a great example of horizontal scroll page design.


Color Tube by Ivan Filipov

Playbox by Matt Lyon

Creative Market (Premium) Fonts

Olcino by Igor Petrovic

Memphis by Anugraha Design 

Bouquet by bloomxxvi

If you’re like me and always willing to download more grungy looking design assets, you’ll probably want this free good from Creative Market. Get the Grit and Grime Vector Pack by Downloads for Designers free right now (week of 06/12/17).

I Just Found Out About Product Mockups

And now I don’t know how I got anything done without them. I’m a late to the game here but if you are too, these are PSDs that let you show off how a font or logo would look in the wild. Want to see your work on a poster or a card or a shirt? Just update a Smart Object in Photoshop and you can.

Below is a list of the mockups I’ve used for my fonts lately. And if you want a wider range of high quality mockups to browse through, Mockup World is a good place to get started.


Canvas Tote Bag MockUp from GraphicBurger


Coffee Mug Free Mockup from Free Design Resources


Enamel Mug Mockup from Bulbfish


Label Tag PSD Mockup #2 from GraphicBurger


Cotton T-Shirt Mockup PSD from GraphicsFuel

I’ve been pretty into bright, abstract designs lately so I’m all about these geometric posters and shapes that are free right now (week of 04/17/17) on Creative Market.

Get it.