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Getting a font recommendation in before the first Friday of the month is over. Organic Peach by Prioritype is a handwritten font with a fun kind of blobby feel to it and it’s free for personal use.

Download at FontSpace or buy on Creative Fabrica.

It’s a Friday font day with Cherish Today by Sarid Ezra

Loving the fun, casual feel of this font. Plus all of the promo posters are great. It’s all caps but with a cut out effect on the lowercase letters and free for personal use only. 

Download at dafont or buy on Creative Fabrica.

I’ve been in a real sixties retro design mood lately (or, if you look at my fonts, maybe I always am at least a little bit). So Ducky Manly by Allmo Studio really hits the spot. It’s free for personal use and the commercial version comes as a duo. 

Download at dafont.

What’s up hot dog?

I’m a sucker for a sixties style font, especially one with skinny inner lines, so I’ve gotta recommend Hot Dog by Toko Laris Djaja. It’s free for personal use only. 

Download at dafont.

Back to my very sporadic “monthly” font highlights. 

I’m really loving Together of Love by goodigital. It’s a really playful, hand drawn font with fun inner shapes and shading. Free for personal use only.

Download at 1001 Fonts.

The first three days of this year were still winter break and I certainly didn’t want to interrupt my lounging so here’s a first Monday of the month font rec.

That background image may be getting to me but Jagiq by twinletter is a hand drawn, kind of noodle-y feeling font. The family includes two versions but I definitely prefer the “Awesome” option (I mean, it’s right there in the name). You can try it free for personal use only.

Download at Font Space.

In all the excitement* of the election season, I haven’t spent nearly enough time downloading and sharing fonts. Hello Farmer by Nurf Designs is a handwritten, casual number and it’s free for personal use.

Download at Font Space

* overwhelming, all-consuming stress

Liking this font feels really on brand for me. 

Cute Meow by HansCo is free for personal use, cat-themed display font.

Download at dafont.