Horseshoes & Lemonade Version 3!

Horseshoes Outline Font Poster

I made some changes to my most popular font! I'm not as fastidious when it comes to versioning fonts but 3.0 seems about right since this is the third major change to the family.

This update includes:

  • Adding a new Horseshoes Outline variation
  • Improving kerning on Horseshoes
  • Making minor tweaks to characters that felt a little awkward in Horseshoes and Horseshoes & Lemonade
  • Bundling up some bonus assets (retro seamless backgrounds and illustrations) in PSD, PNG, and SVG formats

Give it a try here and if you run into any issues, please let me know! And if you previously purchased a commercial license and would like a copy of the new commercial files, send me an email at