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Font Release! Quintet


Well look at that, it’s a font I made for a change.

Quintet is a narrow, loopy font that tries to capture an old-timey, swing jazzy feel. It also comes with the instrument SVG illustrations I created for the poster images.

It’s free for personal use so go download it to try now. And definitely let me know if you run into any installation issues.

It’s Space Time!

Space Time Font PosterA new addition to my growing collection of starry fonts (if that’s your thing too, make sure to check out Starry Night and Publicite d’epoque). 

Space Time has a regular version with the full design and lightly touching letters and a stackable, overlapping version with separate layers for the base, outline, shadow, and stars (plus the base and outline versions can be used as standalones!).

When I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I was working on a font with fussy kerning, this is the one I was talking about so if you notice any oddities please let me know in the comments or through the contact form.

It’s free for personal use so download it here.

New Variation on an Old Font


If you find yourself needing a slightly different version of a font, don’t hesitate to ask! A user email years ago is how Horseshoes entered the Horseshoes & Lemonade family and a recent request lead to Roundabout Fill Full (the name is a little clunky but Fill was already taken).

While I was creating the new option, I also made some kerning improvements across the family so download (or re-download) the whole package here.

Welcome to Sacremende, a new surf rock inspired font

Sacremende Font Poster

Finally getting things done during the quarantine.

Sacremende is a new slighty messy, slightly retro font inspired by old surf rock posters. It comes in regular and distressed varieties (this is my first attempt at a textured font) and you can try it out free for personal use.  

Download it here.

It’s Bob’s Burgers Halloween episode rewatch season and I have to say, this outro feels so weird every time I see it.

Relatedly, my sister has better eyes than I do and spotted this on the subway. Hope the MTA paid that $15 licensing fee.


New Font! Thornback

Thornback Font PosterI haven’t posted anything in a while because I’ve been so, so close to finishing a couple projects I’ve been working. And now the first one is actually done!

I just uploaded my latest font Thornback. It’s a slightly messy, hand-drawn sans-serif that you can try out or put to personal use for free.

Download it here.

P.S. The name was inspired by this tweet:

Omg I just found out that spinster used to be reserved for women 23-26 and that after you turned 26 if you were unmarried you became a…. THORNBACK. How fucking great is that name!?

— Sophia Benoit (@1followernodad) March 13, 2019

Font Update: Boo Boo Kitty

Boo Boo Kitty Font Poster

My font recommendation this week is one of my own!

From time to time I’ll go through and clean up/expand on some of my older fonts. This time I took an all caps font with mixed textured/non-textured styling and a) gave it a lowercase alphabet b) split it up into separate regular and plain styles, and c) added additional characters to support more languages.

As always, please let me know if you run into any installation errors.

Get more details here.

New Font Alert!

Mistletoe Font Poster

I wanted to get this out earlier but at least it’s (barely) pre-Thanksgiving.

Mistletoe is a mutli-colored font to brighten up the holiday season. It contains hand drawn, thick serif lettering with a leaf and berry pattern inside. It’s an all caps font and better for display situations than long blocks of text.

Color fonts are supported in Illustrator CC 2018 and Photoshop CC 2017 plus Firefox and Microsoft Edge on the web. This package also includes a single color fallback variation. For more information on the technical side of color fonts, checkout

This is my first color font and the first font I’ve created with the Glyphs app so if you have any technical issues — even if you’re using the free personal version — please let me know so I can get them fixed. Also, I’ve been trying to figure out if additional palettes would be overkill or a welcome feature so feel free to share that or any other feedback.

Download it here.

Finally, A New Font!

Roundabout is a brand new, hand drawn font that comes in three variations.

It’s free for personal use and commercial licensing is available for $15.

Try it now!

Font Update: Hellmuth Shadow and Hellmuth Shadow Only

I just added two more styles to the Hellmuth font family. The package now includes a shadowed version plus a shadow only option (seen above) for easier stacking.

Get the free personal version here and if you’ve already purchased a license and want the updated commercial files, just shoot me an email.