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OrigamiBats Character List

I recently received an email asking how the animals and letters match up in the OrigamiBats font and it occurred to me that maybe that would be useful information for other users. So here’s the list:

A - Crane
B - Hummingbird
C - Swan
D - Dove
E - Rooster
F - Butterfly
G - Peacock
H - Owl
I - Turtle
J - Fish
K - Fish
L - Fish
M - Whale
N - Frog
O - Cat
P - Dog
Q - Mouse
R - Fox
S - Rabbit
T - Squirrel
U - Pig
V - Bear
W- Elephant
X - Giraffe
Y - Monkey
Z - Dragon

As you can see, I don’t know a lot about fish.

It’s a new font!

Sewing Patterns 3 is the latest in the Sewing Patterns series. This time it’s all vintage menswear.

You can try it out for personal use for free or get commercial licensing right here.

Font Update: Hellmuth Beveled!

The Hellmuth font family now includes a stackable option perfect for creating a quick beveled text effect.

You can try it out for free personal use or get a commercial license here.

New Font: Bar Book!


I’m sure someone has tackled this subject matter before but a) I was in the mood for a quick dinbat font and b) thought it would be fun to try my take on it.

Bar Book is a cocktail themed dingbat and the letters are glasses, bottles, and drinks. The numbers are accessories and garnishes that you can use to create your own combinations.

The font is free for personal use and commercial licensing is available for $15. Get it here or at Creative Market.

New Font: Parallel Lines

Parallel Lines Font Poster

Hey, it’s a new handwritten font! This download also includes a bold version and you can get it here.

Updated all my font packages so now personal use downloads include True Type and Open Type files and commercial downloads include True Type, Open Type, and a web font kit (WOFF, WOFF2, TTF).

If you’ve already purchased a commercial license and want the updated version, feel free to email me.

Starry Night Update

I just updated the full/commercial version of Starry Night to fix a problem some folks were having in Microsoft programs.

If you’ve previously purchased it and need the new one, just let me know.

Do you hate PayPal?

Well good news, there are sites other than my site where you can purchase commercial licensing for my fonts:



Creative Market

Creative Market is brand new and I’ll hopefully have a longer post in the next couple days on how awesome it is if you’re a designer looking to sell. So look out.