React Inner Image Zoom Version 3.0.0

React Inner Image Zoom version 3.0.0 went out earlier this week with a handful of bug fixes, test and build improvements, and one major change.

What’s the big thing to look out for? By popular demand, the imgAttributes prop was added to pass down (almost) any valid React img attributes in a single object instead of as individual props. That means scrSet, sizes, alt, and title are gone but in exchange you get all the data attributes and event handlers you could want. I haven’t submitted updated type definitions to DefinitelyTyped yet but I’ll try to get that done in the next few days.

This release also included a handy new Changelog so I would be remiss not include the official record here:


  • Replaced srcSet, sizes, alt, and title props with imgAttributes to set the original image’s attributes.
  • Show close button when moveType is set to “drag” on all breakpoints.
  • Switched from setTimeout to onTransitionEnd to check that zoomed image has finished fading out.


  • This handy CHANGELOG.


  • Added stopPropagation on touchmove to prevent events below fullscreen modal.

If you run into any bugs, please let me know in the GitHub issues.