React Inner Image Zoom v1.1.1

I don’t know about everybody else but my productivity technique during the coronavirus lockdown has been to start a ton of projects, get antsy in the middle, and then abandon them for something new. And also, despite a very low bar, to somehow post on here even less than before.

Now that we’re somewhere between five months and five years into this (time has no meaning anymore), it feels like maybe I should try following through on some of this stuff. As a small step in that direction, I just published an update to my react-inner-image-zoom package.

Version 1.1.1 includes a new drag option for moving zoomed images on non-touch devices (based on a user request!) plus minor styling and dependency updates. The demo and code example are here.

Hopefully checking one item off my list will get me moving on my other half-finished odds and ends.